The Sportsieraad jewellery collection is designed and handmade By Karin

The Collection

The Bike-thing collection was born in 2007 out of a huge passion for the BIKE.
Not long after the Bike-thing collection came the Sport-thing collection.
Since 2008 you can order the jewellery by internet on the website, and also you can find Sportsieraad at all different kinds of events.
Where? You can find the dates on the website below Actual: AGENDA.
Are you organizing a nice event yourself, and would it be suitable for Sportsieraad  to show the collection (at reasonable costs) please let us know!
The jewels are of high quality and environmentally sustainable, and quite important as well, easy to wear. Ofcourse one must be a bit careful wearing the jewellery, because it is a jewel after all.


How are the jewels made? After drawing the design of an item there is made a perfect model in silver. Then, the model is sent to a high standard Dutch foundry that stands for Quality.
Here they make the mold. When the mold is finished they can make the items in gold, silver or bronze. After that the items return to Sportsieraad where they will be further worked upon.
The casting skin is removed, if there are separate parts they are put together, and if required, the jewel gets an eye and/or a tiny claps, ect., ect.
Then after the necessary sanding and polishing, the jewel is ready.


Due to wearing it, the jewel will wear out. Might it break, it can be repaird by soldering it or if necessary replacing parts. All reparations will be done in our own workplace. Therefor your jewel can last a lifetime.


As you can read and see in de short company movie on the homepage, making a sport jewel takes a lot of time. Care and love for the jewel are the most important ingridienst of the work. By Karin is synonymous for craftmanship!


In the last 10 years Sportsieraad  has designed and made quite a lot of special jewels for several well-known companies and sportspeople.
Some examples are:

- Commissioned by the KNWU: Gold charms for the London 2012 Olympic dream team, consisting of: Marianne Vos,
  Ellen van Dijk, Loes Gunnewijk, Annemiek van Vleuten and national coach Johan Lammerts.
- A nice reminder of the World Cup Italy 2013 for the golden ladies team, consisting of Marianne Vos, Ellen van Dijk,
  Anna van der Breggen, Loes Gunnewijk, Lucinda Brand, Annemiek van Vleuten, Amy Pieters and Kirsten Wild.
- Companies like the NTFU and PON also belong to the clients.

Ceylin Alvarado

Professional cyclocross cyclist with Alpecin - Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčTeam and sports talent 2018 from Rotterdam-Rijnmond.
European champion U23 and 3rd at the U23 World Cup of 2019
World champion 2020

After Ceylin first bought a charm from the Bike-thing collection (the road bike with closed wheels), Sportsieraad designed and made a pair of earrings, a bracelet and ring especially for her in the same line as the charm. These were handed over to the studio in Rotterdam and she was so exited! :-)

If you are also looking for a special souvenir of a special sports performance or for a beautiful and valuable gift for a jubilee with sporting ambitions and you will not find it in the standard collection of Sportsieraad, please contact us.
By Karin will accept every challenge with love.

Your sport your passion, your sports jewellery!